With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our users’ everyday experiences. With more than 20 years in the industry, our incredible team of engineers has worked tirelessly to bring AINETIC to the forefront of the industry. We will continue to work relentlessly to become the technological standard, providing big picture insights and solutions for companies of all sizes.

We are passionate about helping our customers produce reliable products by utilizing our equipment and expertise.

We strive to consistently raise clients standards such that they can deliver quality products and delivering the best value in their industry.

We continuously develop and improve ourselves and are innovative and keep abreast of technological trends. This is what motivates us to be a leading consultant in the field of structural testing and measurement with comprehensive and cutting-edge technology.


We strive to consistently provide the best consulting services, and delivering the best value in the industry.

AINETIC is formed by an experienced team of engineers with various professional experiences in the testing industry.

With more than two decades of expertise in the business, we’ve accumulated enough experience to alleviate the need of several industries that include aerospace, defence, automotive, consumer electronics, locomotive, construction and more. Let us review your product to further see where we can value-add.


At AINETIC, we are different from our competitors by virtue of being leaner, more flexible and integration of different testing system technologies.

Our superb technical team is constantly improving & looking at ways in innovating our consulting solutions. This enables us to help customer to deliver in a shorter time without compromising on excellent quality.