That offers you scalable help to accelerate product development and solve your toughest problems.

Simulation and Testing

Reduce turnaround time, cost and maximize the output of your simulation process, making sure you get the most out of your simulation investment.

Our Engineering and Consulting services offer you complete simulation project outsourcing, on-site engagement and process improvement, optimization and automatization with our software solutions and tailored custom tools, whether you are a tech start-up or one of the largest global players in your industry.

Engineer innovations faster and with greater confidence, by effectively handling the complex nature of today’s products during design, and by closing the loop with product use.

To successfully combine mechanical functions with electronics, software and controls, you’ll need a development approach that overcomes the shortcomings of traditional processes, such as the separate workflows for simulation and testing, and the recurrent physical prototyping.

Our holistic simulation and test offering it combines multidisciplinary design exploration, engineering simulation and test with intelligent reporting and data analytics to help you predict real product behaviour throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Accelerate Product Development

Our Engineering and Consulting services assist you in addressing complex engineering challenges and safeguarding the balance between technological design options and functional performance.

Our engineering experts combine the required experience, skills and unique simulation approaches to support development programs.

From testing and mechanical simulation to model-based systems engineering and technology transfer, engineering specialists from around the globe support OEMs and suppliers for creating and maintaining a digital twin of mechatronic systems to solve issues related to noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), acoustics, durability, dynamics, performance, flow, fuel economy, energy management, autonomous vehicles, and controls development.

Noise & Vibration

We offer our expertise in the field of noise and vibration engineering, combined with our know-how in system reliability.

Acoustic and vibration-related problems often arise in complex environments. Constraints such as size, temperature, weight, equipment compatibility and performance requirements frequently mean that standard solutions are not an option.

It is in complicated contexts such as these that we bring our expertise to bear in the design and development of mechanical, digital and measurement system solutions.

Our team looks after the entire development process. Projects take place in several stages, from a feasibility study with a demonstration model, through to prototyping and qualification, production, and performance acceptance tests.

The performance and reliability of systems are often related to specific requirements in terms of acoustics and vibrations. Evaluating these aspects at the end of the development process or during qualification raises the risk of having to review designs and incur additional costs.

Right from the design phase, we assist industrial companies in taking these requirements into account as early as possible, so as to achieve the necessary performance objectives.

With our professional know-how and experimental expertise, we are an unrivaled partner in the management of acoustic and vibration-related aspects from the design phases.

Engineering Facilities

Make use of our infrastructure for simulation and testing.

Our Engineering and Consulting provides access to engineering test and simulation facilities with full capabilities for the design, virtual simulation, and physical prototype testing of mechanical products for various applications.


Engage an expert partner with proven development capabilities to achieve performance targets for a successful product launch.

Our Engineering and Consulting Services can help you meet performance objectives with co-development partner programs. Our team brings critical expertise to your process with proven product design services that address your most critical development challenges. Our consultants can help you make the right decisions that positively affect your product launch success.


Our Engineering and Consulting services experts help automotive manufacturers implement design decisions that balance improved fuel consumption with best-in-class vehicle performance.

They also help aerospace customers meet strict requirements in structure design and development. Our engineers carefully balance technical functionality for optimum safety and sustainability against costs of state-of-the-art aircraft, defense and space systems.

Finally, our experts help manufacturers in all mechanical industries combine integrated testing and simulation data for significant gains in productivity efficiency.

Technology Transfer

Train engineers in the latest application knowledge, analysis tools and methodologies as part of your design process improvements.

Our Engineering and Consulting services help you achieve and deploy technical superiority by training your engineers in the latest tools and techniques used in the most competitive real-world development programs. When the work is complete, your engineers will be able to apply the same state-of-the-art methodologies as part of your standard design process.